Meet Ariel The Mermaid Pup

Ariel stole our hearts.

 Meet Ariel. She stole our hearts the moment she wiggled up to us at the  shelter! This sweet girl was dumped in the streets and left to die, most  likely because she couldn't be sold. Ariel was born with flipper feet  and although this condition is likely why she was dumped, we think her  flippers make her extra lovable. This little girl is a fighter and, just like so many incredible pups we have saved before her, we will love Ariel back to life.

We are asking you to help us give Ariel the life she deserves. And not just Ariel, but all the dogs that enter the  Trenton Animal Shelter who have been abused, abandoned and forgotten. We don't turn away from them. We don't choose the easy dog to save. We put in the time, the money and the work to give them all a chance at a  better life.

This fundraiser will not only cover Ariel's care,  but the care of 4 other dogs that need us right now too. Serena needs  eye surgery. Oreo needs hip surgery. Chrissy needs diagnostics. And there will be more that come after them, just like the dozens that have come before.

Again, just like we always have, we will love every single one like  it's the most important one. Because they are all the most important ones.

How To Help

Ariel, and pups like her, truly need us!

Here are all the ways you can donate to help:

1. Donate using the button below.

2. Follow her story on Facebook and Instagram and share it.

3. Donate at Venmo at TrentonAnimalsRock

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