Foster Guidelines

1. To become an approved foster home, you must complete a foster screening form. Once it is received by our team, an interview will be scheduled. The first interview may be via phone but a home visit will be required.

2. Once your application has been approved and a dog has been identified by our team, a meet and greet at a neutral location will be arranged. All dogs residing in your home must be present. 

3. Once a dog is placed in a foster home it is expected that the dog will remain there until it is adopted. Our dedicated volunteer team will do everything they can to support your situation and to ensure that you are matched with the appropriate dog.  If a dog isn't working with your family, we ask for 72 hours notice to find a new foster home for the dog.  

4. At some point you may have to take the dog to the vet. All of our dogs are seen at West Trenton Animal Hospital, or at Newtown Vet Hospital. If you cannot make arrangements to have the dog seen at those vets, we may be able to make other arrangements with another facility or provide transportation. TAR will cover the cost of all medical treatments. You must notify us BEFORE any appointments are made.

5. While fostering, you are expected to provide food, shelter, exercise, training, and socialization until the dog is adopted. We will provide you with food or cover the cost of food up to $30 per month for up to six months.

6. The dog will be expected to attend the weekly adoption event at least once per month.  The events are held on Saturdays at Dogs and Cats Rule in Pennington, NJ. 

7. We require all foster dogs to have a two week decompression period, where they adjust to life in a new home, and the foster can get a good idea of their personality. Generally we will list the dog as adoptable after the decompression period, and they can start going to adoption events.  Sometimes the dog will need more time.

8. All dogs in foster are available for adoption and will be listed on Petfinder after their two week decompression. However if, at any time, you wish to adopt that dog, we ask that you notify us immediately so your application can be considered among others.

9. If, at any point you take another animal into your home that was not there at the initial placement, you must notify TAR immediately. A new home visit may be conducted and the dog may need to be removed if the environment is no longer deemed fit.

10. If you have any issues with the dog at any time, please notify us immediately.  

11. Fill out a foster waiver here.


Ready to be a Foster?

Fostering a dog is very rewarding, but it does take a lot of work and a strong commitment. TAR welcomes foster families of all kinds within 60 miles of Trenton, NJ but all must review and agree to the guidelines. 

Please contact if you would like more information!