Who We Are

We just love animals. Period. We are an all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to providing love, medical care and adoption/foster care support to injured, abused and abandoned dogs in Trenton, NJ. 

This Board Rocks


Danielle Gletow

"I'm the crazy lady who pulls her car over to pet a strange dog. Seriously - there is nothing I love more than my family, my dogs, advocating for those who can't speak for themselves and very hoppy beer."


Tracy Rolph

" I love all animals and dogs have always been an integral part of my  family.  I have always advocated for their welfare and I am beyond  thrilled to be part of this amazing all volunteer organization whose  mission is to support the welfare of the animals of Trenton."


David Fine

"I am the Bag Man, Bark n Bag. I work with the major airlines for “Pets  On Board“  compliance. I am a foster fail sharing the house with 6  rescues. Four dogs (two from TAS) a cat and a chatty African Grey."


Dr. Chris Garruba

"The love of animals and medicine drove me to become a veterinarian. I graduated from the  University of Pennsylvania in 1987 and opened the Nassau Animal Hospital in 2001. My greatest pleasure now is being able to help the many dogs and cats brought in by local rescue groups."


Lindsey Morrison

"Born and raised in Pennington, I was lucky enough to grow up fostering dogs and was taught early on to appreciate the struggle, neglect and abuse rescue/foster dogs face, specially Pit Bulls, my favorite breed. My absolute two best friends came from Trenton  Animal Shelter, Chewy in 08/2006 and Stella in 02/2008. I bought my house in 2017 with a half acre yard specifically for them, knowing they deserved that space. Losing them both within months of each other, in their memory  we started fostering for TAR and I was reminded of the incredible difference one can make in a dogs life with just such a simple act. By being on the board I can only hope that I am able to help these amazing dogs be placed in the most loving of homes and advocate for these animals that can't stand up for themselves."


Jen Grobels

 "I have a crazy schedule but always find time for things I am passionate about. And dogs have been at the center of my life forever. I grew up with a family owned  pet-sitting business, which my mother still runs. I joined TAR to be able to improve the lives of as many animals as possible." 


Nadia Adam

 “I adopted my first dog from Trenton Animal Shelter six years ago and have been volunteering there ever since. I now have five personal dogs, all from Trenton! Helping these dogs and bringing the joy of a shelter dog to people’s lives is my passion. I’m honored to be a part of Trenton Animals Rock and our mission to help the animals of Trenton in every way.”  

Bizzy 's first visit to the vet

A Note from our Founder

Bizzy's story broke my heart so I vowed to save him.

It was a pretty typical Friday morning in the Spring of 2018. I was drinking coffee and scrolling through Facebook when I came across the photo of the saddest looking pup I'd ever seen. Bizzy was a pit bull mix that had recently been abandoned at Trenton Animal Shelter after being hit by a car and badly injuring his leg. Before I learned anything more I was on the phone trying to figure out how to get him out of there and get him treatment. What I learned along the way (& what I am still learning) about the world of pet rescues and animal shelters inspired me to create this Foundation with a group of volunteers who had been at the shelter for many years.

Bizzy's story has a happy ending. We raised nearly $5,000 to get him the surgery he needed to fix his leg, found him a foster home and he's been adopted!

But every year there are hundreds of other dogs and cats that need our help in the city of Trenton. 

They have one shelter and it is super small and very old. The Animal Control Officers that work at the shelter work closely with our volunteers and we do all we can to provide the best care possible to all of the animals. Working together has been the key to making lasting change.

All of the funds we raise are going to go to supporting the animals in the shelter. Medical care, both emergency and planned, rehab for tough cases and - someday soon - a new, state of the art shelter for our furry friends.

So ask questions! We're here to be a super transparent nonprofit. No staff, just volunteers who LOVE animals and want all of them to get a shot at a happy, healthy life.